BoginaBag Foldable Portable Folding Toilet suitable for Festivals, Camping, Fishing, Hiking & Treking – Bog in a Bag (Stool only)


BoginaBag is a unique portable toilet that is extremely light but also very sturdy. It provides the owner with a solution to that age old question of needing to go and having no where to go! It folds out as a stool, however you then remove the cover and insert one of the specially designed degradeable bags, relax and relieve yourself.

Once you have the finished the ‘magic’ crystals contained within the pad in the bag will absorb any liquid. You then remove the bag, tie the top and dispose of the bag in a bin. The bag completely covers the seat of the stool so there is no mess, and it is completley hygenic and ready to be used again and again. Remember BoginaBag can calo be used as as stool.

This package contains a stool and one pack of 5 disposable bags.Lightweight Portable Toilet
Compact & Easy To Use
Degradable Bags Available Separately

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