Inflatable Lounger Premium Chair Portable Air Sofa Inflate Easily with Carry Bag Bottle Opener 3 Pockets Use Outdoors as Festival Accessory or Travel Accessory (orange)


Why not purchase this premium inflatable lounger and be the envy of all your family and friends. It can be used at the beach, by the pool, a
camping accessory, festival accessory, by the lake fishing, indoors in front of the TV or just curl up and have a quick power nap , alternative chic indoor furniture and more...This can be a great gift.


(i) Deflated it is 250 cm x 70 cm.
(ii) Inflated it is 200 cm x 70 cm.
(iii) High performance ripstop waterproof material with 3 pockets.
(iv) Weighs 1.2 kg.
(v) Comes in a carry bag 32cm x 20cm with adjustable strap.
(vi) 2 loops in the base with 2 stakes.
(vii) Bottle opener.
(viii) Lifetime warranty.

The wildbumble inflatable lounger comes with a user guide to help you look after your lounger including some dos and don'ts and also to help you perfect the inflating and sealing so that you can really enjoy your product.PREMIUM INFLATABLE LOUNGER - new release price for a limited period the wildbumble air lounger chair by Rainbow Brands is made from high performance ripstop waterproof material which means that it not only looks better than most air loungers but it also inflates in a matter of seconds. Our air lounger has a double bag which is designed to hold air longer and to give a more comfortable and relaxing experience. It is also easy to keep clean.
RELAX AND DE-STRESS - the lightweight air lounger inflatable chair comes in a portable adjustable carry back bag and is very easy to carry with you. The lounger has three pockets for you to store items to add to your experience. There is also a bottle opener and 2 stakes to keep the wildbumble lounger secured to the ground during windy conditions. The lounger has a square headrest.
ENVIRONMENTAL AND ETHICAL - our product is rounder and larger than most loungers it is 200 cm x 70 cm inflated which means it can offer a very comfortable experience and can hold up to 3 adults (250 kg). The round shape and name is inspired by the busy bumble bee which is in drastic decline and which we are supporting. Be a part of this great cause!
VERSATILE AND FUN - the wildbumble air lounger chair is not only perfect for outdoor adventure but great indoors. You can use the lounger as alternative chic indoor furniture. Lie on your own or cuddle up with another. Set the trend with this item you will have your friends and family wanting one too. Use the air lounger at the beach, by the pool, camping, at festivals, fishing, on hikes, star gazing, make it a gift, the list just goes on and on...
LIFETIME WARRANTY - we offer a lifetime warranty because we want our customers to be happy! If you're not happy we're not happy! Our warranty will cover defects or dissatisfactions.

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