Lazy Camo Inflatable Lounger Beach Sleeping Bag – 2017 NEW Air Bed, Beach Lounger Couch with side pockets Suitable for Traveling, Hiking, Camping, Outdoor Festivals, fully Waterproof Air Sofa Couch


Why is Our Inflatable Lounger better than the competition?

1. Easily Inflated: Due to single air inlet pocket design, it can be easily inflated.

2. Unique Shape - It is a lot more comfortable and appealing than the old traditional banana shaped bag

3. Double Protection: Made of premium 100% 210T nylon compared to single, lower quality nylon material. The Air Lounger is much more durable and waterproof.

4. Better Seal: We changed the design to a PU coated sewing which allows for better air isolation and longer inflated shape.

Product Description

- Contrary to popular belief and despite the double protection, the lightweight materials allow the air bed to inflate with minimum effort. On a windy day, simply whip it through the direction of the wind and within a few seconds you would have enough air to seal the air pockets. If at home, find a fan, it will be easier with it. Just turn on the fan, let the wind injecting into the air lounge, clinch quickly after inflating; Remember to fold over the closing multiple times until it is sealed tightly to prevent leakage of air.

- Ideal for outdoor hiking, camping or simply chilling out in the garden whilst enjoying sunbathing or a light snack, the air lounger is compact, lightweight and easy to inflate

- A "MUST HAVE" item for outdoor festivals and raves, it provides a superior comfort, allowing you to relax in the softness of the lounger with your favourite drink in hand, whilst enjoying the sublime music.

- Once fully inflated, the air sofa measures 210cm by 70cm.

Pro Tips

- After the Lounger has been filled with air, remember to roll the exit up until the lounger is tightly sealed, so as to avoid air leaks and enjoy it inflated for a longer period.

- If you are having troubles with folding the air lounger after use, simply browse the internet for a video on how to do that.

✓PREMIUM QUALITY - Made of 100% high grade 210T nylon, this camo inflatable air lounger is comfortable, easy to clean, tear resistant, light weight and waterproof.
✓COMPLETE RELAXATION: With the two multifunctional side pockets, you can easily store your belongings like your phone, book and even a cold one.
✓INFLATE IN NO TIME: Simply whip it through the air and within a few steps you can seal the pocket
✓ANYTIME ANYWHERE: Because of its lightweight, the sofa can be taken anywhere with relative ease. Suitable for camping, festivals, swimming, outdoor picnic or BBQ in the backyard. You can use it as an inflatable bag, as a hammock, as a seat cushion for lounging and relaxing under the sunshine
✓100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We can offer you a guarantee for normal use of the air sofa, in the rare case of an issue.

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