MINKANAK Air Inflatable Lounger Sofa Loungers Chair With Bag&Securing Stake Portable Hangout Hammock Couch bed Waterproof Lazy Bag For Outdoor Travelling, Camping, Hiking, Picnics, Pool and Beach (Orange)


Fabric: 210T RIPSTOP nano nylon fabric
The lining strip: PE
Air inlet: High resilience PE strip
Connecting buckle: Safety buckle
Weight: 1.05kg(2.3lb)
Inflated length: After inflation, the length can reach 2.4 meters. But if it’s not inflated enough, it’s probably about 1.5 meter.
How to set up the Air Lounger:
1. Take out your lounger from the package bag.
2. Take the lounger at the opening end, unfold fully and make sure it’s not twisted. Open the inlet as wide as possible.
3. Run against the wind for a few seconds.
4. Once you’ve got enough air in your lounger (About 80% ,don’t need 100% full, it seems not so fully inflated, but it’s will be OK), quickly close the opening and roll up the end.
5. Roll up the end as tightly as possible till you can’t roll up anymore. If it’s not tight enough, the air will leak.
6. Loop the black safety belt in the opposite direction from it rolling up and buckle the safety clip.
7. Set your lounger on the ground with the LOGO right side up. Lay down to relax and enjoy your life.
8. Use the peg in case it’s windy to avoid your lounger flittering.

Folds and Storage:
1.Open the safety buckle,push the air out,roll up tight from the tail.
2.Buckle the safety clip.
3.Put in the carry bag.
Attention! Read the accompanying instruction manual before using this product.

Warning:Air inflatable lounger can not replace the professional life buoy!
Not designed or recommended for children under 6.NEW PUNTS DESIGN: Our new punts designed Inflatable sofa is larger and much more comfortable than the traditional canoe shape.It comes with 2 different stitched pockets (1 for your phone or ice cold drinks, and 1 for your snacks or favorite book).The multi- layered material is Thick,Durable,Easy to Clean and it creates the most Comfortable Relaxing Lounger.Our inflatable lounge can be used on any surfaces such as sand, grass, even rocky terrain.
LIGHTWEIGHT and PORTABLE with SECURING STAKE:It is easy to carry with the carry bag,ideal for indoors or outdoors.Holds up to 400 pounds when inflated, yet weighs just 2.3 lbs.The Aluminium alloy stake peg allow you to anchor your mattress to solid ground in case it’s windy to avoid flittering.
ADJUSTABLE and EASY TO USE.NO AIR PUMP NEEDED.Take it out and open the bag and run fast against the wind about 20 feet,the bag filled easily with just a few passes.Recommend an electric fans for indoor use.Relaxing and stays inflated for 3-6 hours,you could just tighten it a few times throughout the day,it worked better than you could have expected.
FAST AMAZON PRIME SHIPPING and 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: MINKANAK are in stock at Amazon and available for Prime shipping.Your satisfaction is our top priority.Just try it, and if you don’t absolutely Like it, send us a message and we will Refund or Replace your Purchase.Note:the lounger can not replace the professional life buoy!
COMPACT,DURABLE and COMFORTABLE: Our inflatable lounger outperforms many other loungers at maintaining inflation & it’s made with high quality material. We use the best 210T nano nylon material (many other sellers use 170T or 190T Nylon lattice cloth, so their prices will be much cheaper, but their lounger is very easy to leak).We’ve tested, our quality material makes the Lounger maintaining inflation much more longer. You can rest comfortable like on an inflatable chair hammock sofa or air bed.

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