Stainless Steel Cutlery Camping Set – Portable Travel Cutter, Spoons, Fork for Festivals, Hiking or Camping, Comes with a Carry Neoprene Pouch Bag with a Lightweight Bottle Opener (5 pcs) (Blue)


This portable camping cutlery set is easy to carry around and portable. Coming in a sleeve it holds two spoons, a Cutter and fork and a portable bottle opener.Compact Camping Set: The cutlery kit comes with a: Table Spoon, Tea Spoon, Fork, Cutter and Bottle Opener. Spoon – 175mm x 38mm. Teaspoon – 138mm x 31mm. Fork – 175mm x 24mm. Knife – 183mm x 15mm. Bottle opener 50mm.
Space saving: This portable camping cutlery kit is perfect for reducing space and can easily slotted in a rucksack or pocket!
Lightweight Sleeve: The neoprene pouch zip bag can hold the 5 pieces and has a zip at the top to close. It is compact and light being an essential camping accessory or used for festivals or travel due to its small size and lightweight.
Stainless Steel: Each utensil is made from stainless steel which means it is durable and easy to clean. It can be hand washed or put in the dishwasher and is reusable
Warranty: Please contact us if you have any issues. There is a 100% guarantee on this!

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