Standard 88 piece Music Festival (or DofE) Survival Camping Kit by KitPacks


Contents of this 88 piece
festival Kit
• 1 x Material Drawstring bag/rucksack
• 1 x Foldable water bottle
• 1 x emergency foil blanket
• 10 x cotton buds
• 8 x Drinking straws
• 1 x 10ml tube UV Glow paint
• 1 x Led torch with battery
• 2 pairs of Laser Lite Earplugs
• 1 x glow in the dark whistle
• 1 x Lip balm
• 1 x Breath Refresher Spray (20ml)
• 1 x Dry Shampoo Aerosol (50ml)
• 2 x 6" Glow sticks
• 1 x Sunscreen lotion 7g sachet sun protection factor 30
• 1 x Disposable Poncho
• 1 x Travel toothbrush (the head packs away in the handle when not in use to keep it clean)
• 2 x 6g Toothpaste (Handy small tubes)
• 1 Pack chewing gum
• 8 x Assorted plasters
• 2 x Condoms
• 1 x comb
• 8 x Toilet seat covers, the disposable flushable paper kind
• 5 Pairs disposable plastic gloves
• 1 x Pocket Sized Packet of Tissues
• 10 x Cleansing wipes in a resealable plastic pouch
• 5 x Plastic trash bags 25cm x 18cm with tie handles
• 10 x sachets of antibacterial hand gel (5 double packs)
• 1 x Strong plastic pouch bag 15cm x 20cm.(Ideal for things you may need at the toilets)
• 1 x Comb


• At times a substitution may be necessary due to availability but the replacement item will be of a similar or better description and value.88 Essential items packed and ready to go (see product description).
Everything your likely to need to survive and enjoy your festival or DofE experience.
No need to fear the toilets anymore, Keep dry in the rain and don't burn in the sun.
Find your tent in the dark, stay comfortable and have fun.
Now you know you've got the essentials your can relax. It comes in a professionally packed package, ideal to give as a present.

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